1320Elements – Media Work

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Michael Stephen Clark is a freelance author, web journalist, website publisher and internet radio broadcaster. He also researches, writes and edits press releases, artist biographies and concert programmes for the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (SNJO) with whom he has a close working relationship. He participated with SNJO in the preparation of two successful applications to Creative Scotland for Regular Funding, which secured the orchestra’s ambitions for the years 2015-2018 and 2018-2021.

Other clients have included Edinburgh classical guitarist Simon Thacker, Arild Andersen, BBC Radio Scotland, Fat-Suit, Loz Speyer, Square One and SNJO artistic director Tommy Smith. Michael assisted Simon Thacker for three consecutive years with press materials for his Edinburgh Fringe concert series.

Michael also enjoyed a pivotal role in pre-release activities surrounding ‘Modern Jacobite’, Tommy Smith’s recording with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. Michael has also facilitated website design, construction and maintenance for the SNJO (Brubeck project), Tommy Smith (for his respective projects with Brian Kellock and Makoto Ozone) and Fat-Suit.

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Michael also wrote all the historical web content and advised on website navigation for The Davidson Legacy, which is a heritage attraction based at the ancestral home in Scotland of the Harley-Davidson Motor Cycle Company founders.

He has created podcasts whose vision it was to present music and features from Scotland through eclectic programming, cultural inclusion and outreach to other countries. These podcast projects, including shows such as Just Good Tunes, Fresh Jam and Quick, Quick, Jazz are showcased on Mixcloud.

Michael Stephen Clark is responsible for  dozens of live music reviews, CD reviews and essays that he wrote, edited and published for INSTRUMENTAL an internationally orientated, eclectic, web-based music magazine. Support for www.instrumentali.wordpress.com grew considerably in the three years of its existence and the published reviews invited much praise for their insightful evaluation. This was measurable by the page hits and shares on social media that individual pieces achieve, and they have frequently outstripped concomitant reviews in the established mainstream media.

SNJO Programme Notes Portfolio

‘A Creative Surge’ – Collected Music Writing 2012-2017 by Michael Stephen Clark

1320Elements – Areas of Interest and Competence

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Michael Stephen Clark as originator of 1320Elements is able to research, write and produce factual content across a wide range of subject areas with particular regard to art, nature, music and heritage. His interests and expertise encompass all of these subjects and his work, and his accomplishments are outlined below.

Teaching – Between 2001 and 2004, Michael Stephen Clark taught MSc students at Oxford Brookes University as a visiting lecturer. The course title was Primate Conservation and he covered the captive management module, which ran for nine weeks. My lectures were video taped for distance learners and I prepared extensive lecture notes, overheads and PowerPoint presentations for all students. I also provided students with a great deal of personal support and individual tutorial, especially the distance learners.

Vocational Projects – writing numerous short articles, scientific reports, delivering lectures, participating in field expeditions (Comoro Islands and Madagascar), administration and  campaigning.

Publications – “Breeding Leadbeater’s Possum at London Zoo” (American Zookeepers Association Conference Proceedings (1990); “Breeding Black-footed penguins at London Zoo”,  (International Zoo Yearbook, Vol. 33. 1994); “Mongoose Lemurs in the Comoros Islands (ZSL Lifewatch, and Wild About Animals magazines); “The mongoose lemur on Anjouan”, published in Dodo 33 (1997); researched, wrote, published and distributed The 1st Regional Studbook for the Slow Loris in captivity in the UK” (1989), and two editions (1993 and 1996) of The International Studbook for the Mongoose Lemur in Captivity.

Expeditions – Seven-week expedition in 1997 to Anjouan (Comoros Islands) to assist in the successful capture of endangered Livingstone’s Fruit bats for the captive breeding programme at Jersey Zoo; Participated in expedition to Madagascar in 1998 to assist PhD students with the collection of tissues from wild mongoose lemurs.

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