New from 1320Elements! “Mr. Buckland’s Christmas” – An illustrated video lecture with a highly informative Q and A.

In 1874, Frank Buckland delivered a series of Christmas lectures to a large audience that consisted mainly of parents with their young children. The event was billed as a holiday diversion ‘especially for juveniles’, which was held firstly at the RSA’s premises in London, and later at the South Kensington Museum and Brighton Aquarium.

Made in collaboration with the Scottish Fisheries Museum, this video consists of a ten-minute talk supported by captions followed by a ‘show-and-tell’ Q and A about Buckland’s published legacy.

The video compliments 1320Books’ factual account of Buckland’s investigation into the Scottish Herring Fishery, ‘Mr. Buckland, Mr. Walpole and Mr. Young: Around Scotland with the Fisheries Men’.

To learn more about Frank Buckland and his contribution to fisheries science, visit the 1320Journal Page or visit www.scotfishmuseum.org

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1320Radio talks to Brooklyn Indie Rockers ‘Barkhouse’

1320Radio talks to singer/songwriter Stuart Kidd

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1320Radio talks to singer/songwriter Gavin McGinty

1320Radio talks to Gordon McNeil of Dundee University Big Band

1320Radio talks to jazz pianist Paul Harrison about Herschel 36

1320Elements will be developing ways to create podcasts for broadcast on Mixcloud and focusing on features for other internet audio and video platforms.

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