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1320Books proudly presents ‘Stylin’ Byron and the Hepcat Five – A Jazz Rhyme’, out now on Amazon UK.

“In our little town, not long ago

there was a bear I came to know

his name was Byron Bruin Baer

and he played clarinet, on that I’ll swear!

Every day, for all to see

he used his claws to press each key

then closed his eyes and gently blew

The sweetest jazz I ever knew”

So begins the story of Stylin’ Byron, the laid-back bear who lived to play the music he loved, but had to search far and wide to find fame and fortune. More importantly perhaps, he learned a lot about life and made lasting friendships on the way. Above all, he realized that everybody loves jazz music….they just don’t know it yet.

stylin byron cover final 14.1.19

Stylin’ Byron is a story in rhyme for everyone. Read it with your children, read it to your Pop, read it with your granny, read it from the top. Read it on the bus, read it on the train, read it in the sunshine, read it in the rain. But if you do read it, keep your ears open and listen….the next sound you hear, that great sound, will probably be jazz music

Stylin’ Byron & The Hepcat Five

Story And Cover Illustration © Michael Stephen Clark 2018


Other 1320Books include include:

You and I: A story of friendship and fellowship that follows the journey of a wee lad and his scruffy dog through the streets of Glasgow one cold, dark and stormy night.

Darkling Intruder: A gothic psychodrama about a young woman trapped in her own home, and in her own mind, by the twin torments of agorophobia and claustrophobia.

St. Jude: The disturbing tale of a long, lost girl wating to be found. Jude is taken into the care of strangers, a group of islanders who live in the margins between sea and sky, accident and fate, and life and death.

Twelve Days: A Christmas story with a cosmic twist set in Milton Keynes circa 1968 featuring an assertive young girl called Greta, her wise granny and an elderly, time travelling couple on a romantic return visit to the place where they first met a long, long time ago.

You and I – A Story about Friendship and Fellowship with Songs by Stu Kidd

1320Books launched with the publication of You and I an ‘all ages’ story featuring fully integrated text, images and songs in two electronic book formats.

‘You and I’, by Dundee writer Michael Stephen Clark with accompanying songs from Glasgow-based composer/lyricist Stuart Kidd, follows eleven-year-old Joe and his dog Alfie on an eventful expedition to the Big Park. The adventure begins one bright, crisp winter afternoon, but it soon develops into a challenging journey through a wild and windy night in the big city.

‘You and I’ promo Video with text, images and sounds…

The tale features several colourful characters that Joe and Alfie encounter on the way, and contrasts the thrill of independence with the unexpected challenges of the outside world. In essence though, the story is about friendship, fellowship and, to some extent, the nature of the modern family.

‘You and I’ is available as an ePub, mobi and/or kpf file.

The ePub version (with songs embedded between chapters) and text only mobi file will be available as free downloads with every purchase of Stuart Kidd’s recordings of the nine featured songs, plus the bonus track ‘Alfie’, available now at Bandcamp priced £5.

The kpf file is a multimedia format for Kindle only, and the electronic book, also with fully functioning, embedded music tracks, is priced £2.50 at Amazon UK.

Cast Away on Volcano Island

1320Books is also responsible for Cast Away on Volcano Island: The Amazing True Story of Pedro Jack the Sailor, a fantastical eco-fable dictated to Michael Stephen Clark by the imaginary storyteller, Gomez da Silva.

A revised edition of this story is now available as a free ePub download exclusively from 1320Books via the trusted Dropbox file sharing portal.

Download Cast Away on Volcano Island: The Amazing True Story of Pedro Jack the Sailor (ePub for iPad) HERE!

You can discover a little more about the background to the stories published by ‘Thom Ffynch’ and ‘Gomez da Silva’ at this website TheFoggyleyBookCo, an identity specifically created for the prior publication of gothic, fantasy and magic realism works.

Forthcoming titles include a genius’ guide to interesting facts evrey kid should know, and a jazz story for young people with original illustrations, an audio narrative and music especially composed for the project.

NB: Enquiries from anyone interested in developing any of these stories for other media, including adaptations for graphic novels, radio broadcasts, theatre productions, animation and/or film, should in the first instance use the contact form to connect with Michael Stephen Clark.

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