1320Elements is a creative hub, an electronic publisher, a communications provider, and a content producer consisting of 1320Books, 1320Projects, 1320Journal and 1320Scribe.

1320Books launched in April 2018 with the release of  ‘You and I’, a page-turning, all-singing, all-dancing, all-ages story featuring compelling images and engaging songs. The work is a collaboration between 1320Elements writer, publisher and originator Michael Stephen Clark and the gifted singer/songwriter Stuart Kidd.

Since then, 1320Books has developed its print output with the publication of ‘Oathlaw’, ‘Darkling Intruder’, ‘Frank Buckland’s Visit to the 21st Century’, ‘Erin Greengloves and Her Big Fight with Gunnar Lokka the Giant’ and ‘Mr. Buckland, Mr. Walpole and Mr. Young: Around Scotland with the Fisheries Men’.

You can find out much more about  these book projects at the 1320Books page on this site.

1320Projects includes a variety of intitiatives undertaken by a 1320Elements cohort that contributed features and broadcasts to 1320Radio and its companion website. Those completed projects included genre specific radio shows, podcasts, interviews, editorial, reviews, photography and video  features. Examples of that work and future plans can be found at the 1320Projects page on this site.

1320Scribe collates and coordinates previous writing commissions, essays and services produced by 1320Elements writer, publisher and originator Michael Stephen Clark.  It includes well-researched, informative and interesting content across a variety of subject areas for individuals, groups, organisations and vocational journals. An understanding of Michael’s work  can be gained by visiting the 1320Scribe page on this site.

1320Journal is a weblog of essays, reviews and observations on a variety of topics, mainly covering culture, heritage and nature stories. It includes background to 1320 books and projects, observational writing and, occasionally, CD and book reviews. Visit the 1320Journal page to discover more.

1320News Updates…. M.Stephen Clark was interviewed by The Courier, an important regional newspaper covering Dundee, Angus, Perthshire and Fife….M. Stephen Clark scripted, filmed and edited ‘Mr Buckland’s Christmas’ a video made in collaboration with the Scottish Fisheries Museum….M. Stephen Clark recently completed his play ‘Mr Buckland’s Museum’ as part of his tryptich of works about Frank Buckland….On 27.7.21, M. Stephen Clark released ‘Erin Green Greengloves and the Spirits of the Glen’, a sequel to ‘Erin Greengloves and Her Big Fight with Gunnar Lokka the Giant’.

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