The 1320Books Publishing Partnership


Established micro-publisher 1320Books seeks new titles based on completed and/or partially completed manuscripts of full-length novellas and novels. Authors are asked to propose their work for participation in the 1320 Publishing Partnership model.

The traditional publishing vernacular of submission/rejection does not apply. All communications to 1320Books will receive a civilised and timely reply. There is no waiting for 6-8 weeks, much less 3-6 months to hear back.

Initial contact with 1320Books by email marks the beginning of a conversation about the 1320 Publishing Partnership, which is a formal agreement, but one that is based on equality in terms of time, personal investment and return.

The decision to enter into the 1320Publishing Partnership is by mutual consent and subject to a contractual agreement. The agreement includes all the key components that are found in a conventional time-limited publishing contract that addresses rights and mutual obligations of both parties.

The editorial process is a collaboration between the author and the publisher. There are no “interns” or outsourced readers, and there is no slush pile overseen by gatekeeper personnel.

No advance is paid, so there is nothing to ‘earn out’. The author’s only costs are for up to 500 personal copies of their published book at the list price.

Publication is conditional on use of the Amazon KDP platform although authors are free to distribute their author copies through other retail outlets and/or sell them directly to readers in person on their author website. The only caveat is that pricing must not undercut the online Amazon price.

The art of micro-publishing has been perfected by 1320Books and several examples can be examined on the 1320Books page of the 1320Elements website. In time, the collaborative publishing partnership model is designed to create a small community of mutually supportive writers who can participate in a collective response to marketing and retail imperatives.

Please contact: Michael Stephen Clark at to begin an informal discussion.

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