I Will Not Vote For You…Any Of You

On the 23rd May 2019 ‘Britain will go to the polls’ to vote in the forthcoming European Elections. I will not go. Wild horses couldn’t drag me. I will not be among those placing a cross against any given name that represents any political party.

I will be at home, still furious that this exercise in futility serves only to reward members of a hopeless, hapless and incompetent political class. There may be ‘good’ MEP’s in Britain, but the collective contribution of all those involved in the Brexit farrago is quite contemptible.

Our politicians have placed self-interest above democracy by wilfully engineering a situation that makes voting in the Euro elections meaningless and rewards opportunists for their part in undermining the democratic process.

Worse still, the one piece of real political power that the citizen holds as an inalienable right, the vote itself, has been diminished, demeaned and denigrated first by Brexit, and now by the absence of Brexit.

It does not matter what citizens think of the European Union now. Brexit is a supertanker full of toxic thinking that is dangerously adrift and heading towards rocky shores. It has long been outwith our control. We voted, like idiots, for an idiotic proposition, which was then launched with neither a captain nor crew on board. They were all in the House of Commons bar – troughing.

Now, we watch from the shore, powerless to act. Our votes in the Euro elections are about as effective as a broken radio or mute klaxon. The suggestion that tactical voting and protest votes will somehow guide the bad ship Brexit into calmer waters is akin to transmitting a ‘mayday’ call from the bottom of the ocean. You might as well throw your vote into the sea, for all the difference it will truly make.

There is insult to this injury too. Any British MEP’s who win seats in the European Parliament will certainly sit, and they will be paid well whether they sit on their hands, or their fat backsides. They can cast votes like confetti for all that it matters at home. They will also pick up generous pensions, payoffs, perks and (importantly) contacts, contracts and connections when their backsides are finally booted out of Brussels.

Generations before us struggled and sacrificed in the long fight for the universal right to vote, regardless of status, gender, race, religion, income, or property. The vote is a thing to be revered and respected. It is a treasure, a privilege and a great leveller. It is now disrespected by politicians who either have no shame, no humility or no sense when they ask us to cast our precious votes in their wholly, totally undeserving favour.

The vote is the ordinary citizen’s sole means of expressing political will. It is not a means of protest. If you want to protest then write a strongly worded letter, or chain yourself to the park gates. It isn’t about tactics, or sending messages either. Both of those tend to backfire, or else sink into a mire of obfuscation.

Above all, the vote should certainly not be used as a means of circumscribing the culpability of Britain’s politicians who’ve breached of multiple Brexit deadlines. We are told that the Disunited Kingdom would be breaking European law if the country did not participate in the 2019 European elections. So what? That is nothing compared to the downgrading of the vote in an important election to the status of meagre indicative opinion.

I would rather break the law than dilute the priceless worth of my precious vote merely to benefit the idiocracy of Britain’s politicians, a parliament of dunces who have all but cast us into a political chasm where predators dwell and wait open-mouthed for a fragmented Union to win its own suicidal race to the bottom.